How can you help to detect and prevent health care fraud?
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• Read Your Benefit Statements
If you receive an "Explanation of Benefits" after your health plan has paid a claim on your behalf, read it carefully to ensure that you actually received the treatments that were paid for, and report apparent discrepancies. Call NGS at 1-800-521-1555 to report any suspicious charges.
• Beware of "Free" Medical Treatments
Various community-based service organizations periodically offer perfectly legitimate free screenings of vision, cholesterol, blood pressure or other basic health indicators. However, other, sometimes heavily advertised offers of "free" medical treatments (e.g., "free" footcare, dental treatments, chiropractic visits) often are the lure with which fraud perpetrators seek to obtain patient names and insurance information for use in fraudulent billings. Question any "free" treatment that features "no out-of-pocket expense" or "no deductibles," or for which you are required to provide your health plan coverage information.
• Protect Your Health Plan Information
It pays to treat your health insurance card as you do your credit cards, and never give your health insurance number to telephone or door-to-door solicitors.